The Idealistic Advertising Foundation SIRE is an independent foundation. With its campaigns, SIRE aims to shake people up, encourage them to think and stimulate debate. SIRE’s campaign 'Waardeer het. Repareer het.' makes people aware of the value of objects and calls on people to start repairing.

The extremely simplistic mobile website was the beating heart of the national campaign. A voice assistant guides the visitors step-by-step through their repair with concrete action perspectives, even if they have two left hands, no time or sense.

The project was done pro bono. All to make the Netherlands a little more beautiful.


Agency                       Dept
Campaign                Rein van der Ven
Ux & Design            Mark Toonen
Development            Tim van Wolfswinkel


Silver Spin Award 2020  —  Best website
Bronze Esprix Award 2020  —  Durables
Bronze Esprix Award 2020  —  Charity & Non profit