Justdiggit is a foundation that makes dry land green again by activating farmers in Africa, positively impacting climate change, nature and people. By digging half moon circles (bunds) in which rainwater is collected, the land will be fertile again within a year. We created a marketplace that connects donors in Europe directly to local farmers that want to help and dig these bunds. What started with a hackathon to help out Justdiggit digitally, resulted in the regreening of hundreds of acres of African land.

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Agency                  Dept
Ux design             Franklin Schamhart
Technology           Arthur Stobbelaar
App Design          Mark Toonen
Webdesign           Tim Dekens


Bronze Lovie Award 2020  —  GPS / Location Technology
Peoples Lovie Award 2020  —  GPS / Location Technology
Bronze Lovie Award 2020  —  Messaging & Bots
Peoples Lovie Award 2020  —  Messaging & Bots
Silver Dutch Interactive Award 2020  —  Communities
Webby Award Honoree 2020  —  Activism
Gold Lovie Award 2019  —  GPS / Location Technology
Peoples Lovie Award 2019  —  GPS / Location Technology
Silver Lovie Award 2019  —  Community & Social
Peoples Lovie Award 2019  —  Community & Social
Silver European Design Award 2019  —  Promotional Site