The MICE market is currently being dominated by new technologies, automating the large amount of time consuming work that is involved in booking meetings, events or conferences. This results in a large spectrum of booking tools and marketplaces where users can access thousands of different venues. However, this does not automate the workflow, instead it just shifts the effort and stress to the user.

At Hypermice we believe that the MICE industry is ready for a service-led disruption. Using new technologies to help you find the sweet spot. No more complex tools, just a well designed process that makes your experience as efficient and personal as possible. Taking away your stress, no nonsense.

As one of the co-founders of Hypermice, I've been deeply involved in everything from the birth of our service to the very last pixel.


Management               Ruben Overwijn
Design                            Mark Toonen
Development                 Tom Snepvangers